White Banded Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver Wire


Small White Arizona Fortification Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver Wire

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White Banded Agate pendant wrapped in 22-gauge round sterling silver wire.  The small, irregularly shaped stone is just 3/4 inch (2.0 cm) long by 5/8 inch (1.6 cm) long.   The wire design includes a generous bail to easily accommodate hanging on virtually any chain, slide, ribbon, or cord.

This is a natural white Arizona fortification agate with a pale pink center.  I collected this stone at 4th of July Butte, Arizona, then tumble polished it to a brilliant shine before wrapping it using solid sterling silver wire.  

No two agates are exactly alike.  Each has its own pattern, its own shape.  This is the stone you will receive if you buy this one.  Mother Nature made it one of a kind.

It will be packaged in a padded hand-made box and individual drawstring bag,  sent to you via USPS Priority Mail from Arizona.

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