1.  What are Angel Feathers made of?

Angel Feathers are made from chalcedony stones. The mineral is silicon dioxide, commonly and generically known as quartz. Chalcedony is found in many locations around the American Southwest, but most of the stones that become Angel Feathers come from one particular location.

2. How are Angel Feathers made?

The chalcedony is sliced on a diamond bladed rock saw, then the slices are ground and polished in a rock tumbler. The tumbling process takes six to seven weeks. Each stone is wrapped by hand in solid sterling silver or gold-filled wire.

3. Are all the items on the Arizona Angel Feathers website handmade?

Except for some rocks and minerals and a few other items that are clearly identified as being manufactured — such as books or tools — yes, everything in the shop is handmade, one at a time. The descriptions of the items will explain how they are made and what they are made of!