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Summer is a-windin’ down

Believe it or not, August is almost over.  In just another week, summer will be unofficially over.

For me, it’s been a very busy summer, and reasonably productive!  I’ve made some new jewelry pieces.



In fact, my inventory going into the 2015 fall art show season is larger and more diverse than it’s ever been before.

Thanks to the new Lortone rock saw I purchased this spring, I started cutting into the vast stockpile of material accumulated over the past 30 years of Arizona rockhunting, not to mention what I’ve acquired from gem and mineral shows, estate sales, and gifts from friends.


I’m also learning my way around social media a little better.  Those of you who know me are familiar with my kind of one-woman-show style, where it’s me on the stage and I just kind of talk at you.  You’re always welcome to chime in with questions or comments or even disagreements, because dialogue is how we exchange and expand our knowledge.

That’s why I’m going to invite some friends, and their artwork, to join me.  Let’s see what some other folks are doing with their rocks, or what other arts and crafts they create.  I’ll still get up on stage now and then — I’ve got a blog post in draft mode right now on diamonds — but I really want to put the social in this media.

Do you have something you’d like to get some additional visibility on?  A crafting problem we can maybe work out together?  What can we do to help each other, not just with “like” and “favorite” games, but with real assistance.

You know my philosophy.  You know how I’ve attempted to integrate my arts and crafts endeavors with that philosophy.  It’s time to stop philosophizing and start doing.